Las Vegas Tiles with Marble Medallions


Calcite Noce 12x24

Calcite Noce 12×24

One of the Great Things we offer at Designer Tile Plus is our Custom Made Medallions that we sell to our customers. We take pride in our medallions and we enjoy seeing them installed in our customers homes. And to help those who are thinking of putting a medallion in their homes we thought to give you a few pointers on how to install them.

Due to the netting that we put on the medallions as we make them the medallions are a hair thicker than your standard 8 millimeter tile. Because of that we suggest you use a half inch notch trowel when spreading your thinset to give a thicker bed for the tile so when you put the medallion in they are the same thickness.

Hole for the medallion

Hole for the medallion

Now there are tiles out there that are thicker than 8 millimeter so you don’t have to use a thicker notch trowel when setting those tiles on your floor with a medallion. and when you are purchasing your medallion you can verify the thickness of the medallion to the tile to make sure which notch trowel you will need to use.

Now at our showroom all our medallions were set after the tile. Meaning we set the tile than centered the medallion to where we wanted it and than traced and cut the hole for the medallion to go. It takes longer but for us it gives a better look in the end. And if you are still on the fence come on down and see 4 of our bigger medallions installed and see if it interests you at all.