Considering Wood looking Tile

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When you start your search for wood looking tile it can be a bit confusing. We thought that we would supply you with some points to consider.

One of the first things to consider about wood looking tile is how long it should be. In the Las Vegas area most foundations are concrete and few are absolutely flat.  Using a tile longer than thirty-six inches can make any installation a challenge. Although we carry tiles that much longer than this, we recommend that you consult your tile contractor prior to purchasing the tile.

Secondly, tile commonly  comes either rectified or pressed. Rectifying a tile is a process where each tile is cut to be the same size. Pressed tile is made so that each tile is made individually and most have a small bevel pressed around the outer edge of the tile. This edge is there so the tile setter is able to hide minor foundation flaws during the installation process. In my opinion a pressed tile has an  advantage over rectified tile.

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The number of faces or screens that a wood looking tile is something for you to consider. Some of the less expensive tiles on the market are offered with every piece being identical. As  you consider which wood looking tile to choose I suggest that you look at numerous pieces. Some of the tiles we show repeat every three tiles and some repeat every one hundred square feet. Since this is going to be your home you should consider the look prior to installation. If at all possible we suggest looking at the tile installed. If an installation is not available for you to see, at least bring a box of tile to your home and look at it on your floor.