Variations in Tile

Nexa Copper

Nexa Copper

One of the most important things when choosing tile is the variation. Some tiles vary more than others. Some tiles vary subtly and others are more extreme. And choosing the right tile for your home is much easier when take the variations in the tile itself when deciding. One of the ways we try to help in that regard is by putting together displays with the tile and grouted to help in the decision process. Another way we do this is by installing a number of tiles on the showroom floor, in different patterns to help you find the right tile for you and your home. We also have a number of brochures and literature for you to look at and help you decide as well samples you can take home to see how it will look in your home and your lighting.


Kerala Mantra

Kerala Mantra

Even when you are choosing a tile with minimal to no variation you can help offset that with various patterns and designs. One of the most common ways to hide minimal and no variation within the tile is to put a medallion or decorative piece every so often. This helps by drawing the eye to different spots or focal points within your home. Helping offset the lack of variation within the tile itself. As well as drawing attention to areas of your house that you want to highlight.



Tile Designs

urbanite_23805_carbonWhen trying to make your home unique we always try for some kind of concept or design to use. Whether it is modern or traditional the look and feel of your house should make it a home to you. The endless amount of choices that are before you when you start can be intimidating.

When you decide on your flooring you should pick a general tone of color to help keep your home uni-formal. There are many homes that every room is a different tile and set differently. But if you keep the floor uni-formal in design and color the area will appear larger and more inviting. Even if you have small rooms such as bathrooms and laundry rooms keeping the floor with the same pattern and design from one area to the next can change the appearance of a small home to a large one. By choosing dark colors you will make the rooms appear to the eye smaller, and when you use light colors you will make the area appear larger than life. By using a mixture of both you will highlight and accent different areas to make your home truly unique. Come visit our showroom for even more ideas.

urbanite_23835_gild urbanite_23821_stone2

Tile Patterns For Your Home


Cinema Burbank Biege12x24 and 18x18

Cinema Burbank Biege12x24 and 18×18

 All of us want to make our home unique.  In flooring we see floors set straight and floors set on an diagonal. But is that all we can do on the floor, without putting in a medallion or some other kind of mosaic work?

With most floors it is easy to make a change from a straight or a diagonal installation. Simply by installing a tile in a pattern suddenly you go from having the same pattern everyone has to a completely different floor. And one that you can walk into many of the homes in Las Vegas and else where and never see this pattern repeated on the floor.


Legend Titan 3 piece pattern

Legend Titan 3 piece pattern

Even using a simple stagger joint pattern can make your home truly unique. Offsetting the tile by half or thirds is a very simple pattern to do. The question after that is usually does offsetting your tile by a half or a third cause you to waste more material when you are setting the floor. And the answer is no. When you cut the tile in half you already have the next row you are using that cut. If you are off setting your tile by thirds you have the next two rows. So while you may be cutting more tiles, you are not wasting more tile when you are setting your floor.The next question that is usually on everyone’s mind is, does setting your tile this way take you more time? Initially, yes it does but only during the initial start of the project. Once you get  the pattern you chose going in a few hours you will be moving right along having the floor installed.

Grandeur Elegant Amber 12x12 and 18x18 in a Step Pattern

Grandeur Elegant Amber 12×12 and 18×18 in a Step Pattern

Now if you want to make your home even more unique you may be thinking of using more than one size of tile. And if that is the case, you will need to keep the pattern not only firmly in your mind when you are installing your tile but also when you are purchasing your tile. For example a true Versailles pattern will have seven different sizes that you are setting when you are doing your tile project. More commonly used patterns will use two, three, or even four different sizes.

The pattern when you are setting your tile will give the appearance of being random when you start using three sizes or more. And the more sizes one uses means the tiles should be calibrated so they can be used in a pattern. Calibrated means that the tiles are designed to be used together in a pattern.

Urbanite Stone

Urbanite Stone

In most patterns this is very important if you want to maintain a proper grout joint. But if you are doing a step pattern, or a pinwheel pattern this is can be less of a concern for you. But as long as you stay consistent doing the pattern the way you start, you should never run  into cutting one of the tiles into a different shape in the middle of your floor.

Once you figure out your square footage at Designer Tile Plus and you decide to go with a pattern with 2, 3, 4 or even 7 pieces. We will simply break down how much you need in every size that you will need to do the pattern you want to do. Our number one goal when you are doing a pattern on your floor in our store is to get the right amount of each size. That way when you do your pattern you are not running back and forth from your home to our store.