Circle Medallions


Designer Tile Plus Custom Made Medallions are Locally Made

And Handcrafted For Your Needs

Braided Medallion

Braided Medallion

Some Times a Circle Medallion is a Nice Contrast to everything being Straight Lines everywhere in your house. So here are a few options you can chose from. If you want your medallion to be different colors or a different size Please Stop By 6290 South Pecos Road Suite 100, Las Vegas, Nevada 89120. Our Standard sizes are 30 inch, 32inch, 36 inch, 38 inch, 40 inch, and 48 inch. Since these are handcrafted we can make them bigger or smaller. The Biggest Medallion we have made on record was over 10 feet in diameter so size is really not an issue.

Please Note that All Sizes are Approximations and All Stone used does variate from piece to piece.  If you want something special for your home and not one of our designs please come to our showroom at 6290 South Pecos Road, Suite 100, Las Vegas Nevada 89120. And let us discuss what your dream Medallion looks like. Please know that if you prefer it to be a different shape like a square, rectangle, octagon we can do that as well.