Color Body and Through Body Tiles

Topeka Biscuit

Topeka Biscuit

As you look around for your next tile project you might want to read this to help you pick out the tile of your choice before you begin. One of the few things you can look at when you compare price is what kind of tile are you getting. Is it a porcelain tile or is it a ceramic.

Most tile you see when you are looking at tile has a glaze and a finish that while is hard and durable can be chipped. Not easily but it can be done. Once that happens it is time to take out a spare tile and replace it. But if you want to make it so that  chipped tile does not stand out while you are waiting to put in your new fresh tile to look at Color Body and Through Body Tiles.


Berkshire Oak

Berkshire Oak (Color Body)

A Color body weather in porcelain, or in ceramic, means that while you pay a few cents more a square foot you are also buying a little bit more peace of mind, after you get the tile installed. Color Body means in the tile industry that the factory while they were making the tile put some of the same pigments in the glaze through out the body of the tile. This little bit of thought that the factory does make the tile a little bit more expensive but should you chip the tile, the body of the tile you see will be closer in color to the tile. So instead of seeing a white, bone, or terracotta color, you will see something closer to what the glaze is on top of the tile.


Urbanite Gild

Urbanite Gild (Through Body)

The Elite of tile in the tile industry is though the Through Body Tiles. Through Body Tiles takes what the color body is and goes one step further. A Through Body Tile will have the same Color all the way through the tile. Meaning that color and the actual design is throughout the tile. So even when you chip a tile well you don’t really need to replace it right away because it will look just as good as the day before you broke it. In fact unless you noticed the chip while you were sweeping it might take you a few days to even notice that you have a chip in your tile.