ILVA is Now In Las Vegas

Spirit - Zen

Spirit – Zen

One of the world’s premiere tile manufacturers in Argentina is coming to Las Vegas. ILVA is highly regarded for there gorgeous and beautiful tiles that they produce. With their high standards for producing and their beautiful selection it is easy to see why so many fall in love with their tile selection. While we will be showing all of their line some of the best items they are producing is the 18×36 inch tiles as well as their wood looking tiles as well. With ILVA they are producing their wood looking tiles in two large sizes. You can get them in a 6×36 and a 9×36 as well. Making it possible to do patterns as well as having a large plank that would work perfectly for your floor.


Piombo Alloy

Piombo Alloy


One of the other lines ILVA is producing is the more modern and contemporary looks. Not only are they making these lines in a 24×24 inch tile. But they are also producing these lines in 12x24s. Giving one the best options and selection with what modern or contemporary looks in the best and popular sizes that are trending at this moment as well as the more traditional sizes as well.

With their eye for color, size, and design it is easy to see why ILVA is such a popular tile manufacturer overall.


Legni Identica - Roble

Legni Identica – Roble

Legni Identica - Teka

Legni Identica – Teka

Tile Designs

urbanite_23805_carbonWhen trying to make your home unique we always try for some kind of concept or design to use. Whether it is modern or traditional the look and feel of your house should make it a home to you. The endless amount of choices that are before you when you start can be intimidating.

When you decide on your flooring you should pick a general tone of color to help keep your home uni-formal. There are many homes that every room is a different tile and set differently. But if you keep the floor uni-formal in design and color the area will appear larger and more inviting. Even if you have small rooms such as bathrooms and laundry rooms keeping the floor with the same pattern and design from one area to the next can change the appearance of a small home to a large one. By choosing dark colors you will make the rooms appear to the eye smaller, and when you use light colors you will make the area appear larger than life. By using a mixture of both you will highlight and accent different areas to make your home truly unique. Come visit our showroom for even more ideas.

urbanite_23835_gild urbanite_23821_stone2