The creation of a medallion

We thought that there might be some interest in the process of making a medallion.

We first try to choose interesting stones

We then cut the stone into the needed shapes
Corwin at the saw

From there we put the design together on a mesh
medallion master

After completion we store the design until picked up by the tile contractor.

When the medallion is ready for installation a hole is cut the size of the medallion.
cut in

Because of the size of some medallions, it is sometimes necessary to install the medallion in parts.

After installation it is important to wait a day prior to grouting.during 2

Medallion Masters Page 2

Elizabeth Design

Elizabeth Design

Roth Star in Absolute and Blue Pearl

Roth Star in Absolute and Blue Pearl

Parma Design

Parma Design

This last few weeks we have been making small marble inserts for installations in hallways and bathrooms. The marble medallions still take most of our time, it is nice to make some smaller designs. Corwin at the sawHever working on a Plasma Star

We are working on developing a new display for the smaller marble inserts.

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