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Paramount Ultima

Paramount Ultima

We all think about how to improve and what we would like to add or put in our homes constantly. That new couch you saw, or that new appliance that you just have to have. In flooring it seems like there is more to choose from everyday. You have vinyl, laminate, parquet, hardwood, carpet, marble, travertine, porcelain, ceramic, quarry tile, stained concrete, the list seems endless to say the least. And with tile all the difference in colors and designs and patterns it is almost enough to make you crazy. Or at least throw your hands up in despair just walking into another floor covering store. It is enough to make you wonder how many forms of cream, beige, tan and every other color that is possible can be seen or imagined.


Calcite noce 12x24One Key piece of advice when you are looking at flooring whether in tile or not start off with a general color or look you want. Once you narrow down the color start adding slowly what you want more of until  you are thinking to yourself you are being too picky. As you slowly add more details in what you want in your floor the selection gets narrower and narrower. Once the selection is down to two or three than the fun begins. Than you can say OK I want a tile I can do a pattern with on the floor, or I want to keep it simple and just go with a basic install. Do you want a decorative piece to go every so often in your house or do you want a medallion? Why not do both and have the same design for both?

Braided 12x24

Braided 12×24

Here at Designer Tile Plus we are making these medallions and decorative pieces so what we can do is make it so the colors are the same, and the design is the same. Not only that but what we can also do is make the decorative pieces the same size as the tile so you will have a true custom designer look. Designer Looks and Designs at Outlet Prices.