One Size Or Two For Your Wood Looking Floor

Legni Identica - Acacia

Legni Identica – Acacia

One of the new lines we are bringing in is the Legni Identica Series. One of the great features of the Legni Identica is the fact that it comes in two sizes. A 9×36 inch plank and a 6×36 inch plank. Now not everyone is doing a two size two piece wood looking tile in there homes. But one of the great things is that if you are wanting to do something different in your home and are wanting to use the wood looking tile you have the choice of going with the two size wood looking tile planks. And with the wide assortment of colors that are available in the Legni Identica Series you are very likely to find the right color for you and your home.


Legni Identica - Teka

Legni Identica – Teka

The popular size people seem to be going with on the wood looking tile and in general for tile is the larger format. Most people are going with a 9×36 inch wood looking plank or a 8×36 wood looking. For example a 9×36 inch plank is going to cover over two times as much area as a 6×24 inch wood plank meaning you will have half the grout lines to clean. Even with a 8×36 inch wood plank you will have half the grout lines as a 6×24. Even the 6×36 inch plank will cover a third more area as the 6×24 meaning you will eliminate grout even going with the smaller 6×36 over the 6×24 standard wood looking tile.


Legni Identica - Roble

Legni Identica – Roble

One of the plus sides of going with the two size wood looking tiles is the varying widths. In many of the homes that one goes into and sees a real wood floor one can always see that the planks are varying widths and the lengths as well. With the varying widths one can give there home a more natural look of what a true wood floor would look like, and not just a good copy.